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Poutine Perfection: A Canadian Delight at Sam’s Grill

Hey there, craving a taste of Canadian favourite dish? Look no further than Sam’s Grill! We’re all about piling on the flavour, and there’s no dish more Canadian than a perfect poutine.

For those unfamiliar, poutine is a glorious mess of golden fries, squeaky cheese curds, and rich gravy – a symphony of textures and tastes that’ll have you saying “Oh buddy” with every bite. But poutine doesn’t have to be a one-hit-wonder. Here at Sam’s Grill, we’ve got a poutine for every mood, from classic comfort to wild flavour adventures.

The Classics: Pure Poutine Perfection

Let’s start with the OG – our Classic Regular Poutine. This features fresh-cut fries, piled high with those delightful squeaky cheese curds from Quebec, all smothered in our delicious gravy. It’s simple, it’s satisfying, and it’s the perfect base to explore the poutine world.

Meat Lover’s Paradise: Poutine with a Kick

Calling all carnivores! We’ve got a poutine lineup that’ll have your taste buds doing a jig.

Our Pulled Pork Poutine features slow-cooked pulled pork that’s so tender it practically falls apart in your mouth. It’s a match made in heaven for the creamy cheese curds and gravy.

Prefer a more traditional kick? Our Hamburger & Fried Onion Poutine is a winner. We grill up a juicy 100% fresh ground beef patty with onions and spices, then pile it on top of our classic poutine. It’s a hearty, flavourful meal in a bowl.

Love bacon? We got you covered! Our Bacon Poutine adds crispy bacon to the mix for a salty, smoky explosion in every bite.

Our Butter Chicken Poutine takes inspiration from a favourite Indian dish. Marinated chicken cubes are tossed in our creamy butter chicken sauce and served with cheese curds and gravy. It’s a flavour fusion that’s guaranteed to hit the spot.

Vegetarian Delights: Plant-Based Poutine Power

Don’t worry vegetarians, we haven’t forgotten about you! We have a fantastic selection of veggie poutines that are bursting with flavour.

Spice things up with our Hot & Spicy Poutine. This one’s not for the faint of heart! We load it up with our homemade hot sauce, jalapenos, hot peppers, chopped tomato, and green onion for a fiery kick. Don’t worry, the cool sour cream helps you keep things under control.

For a lighter option, our Supreme Veggie Poutine is a winner. Chopped tomatoes and green onions are mixed with sour cream and piled on top of our classic poutine. It’s fresh, flavourful, and satisfying.

Looking for a taste of India with a kick? Try our Spicy Paneer Poutine. Marinated paneer cubes, a cheese made from milk solids, are cooked with a spicy curry and topped with green onions and hot peppers. It’s a delicious and fiery option.

Canadian Comfort: Poutine with a Twist

Poutine can be a canvas for all sorts of deliciousness. Here at Sam’s Grill, we love to get creative with some classic Canadian flavours.

Our Newfie Mess Poutine is a tribute to Newfoundland’s famous dish. We use a Newfie-style dressing, flavoured with savoury spices, and top it all off with fries, cheese curds, and gravy. It’s a taste of the East Coast right here in Ontario.

Our Buffalo Chicken Poutineis one of the newest on the menu that has become a favourite. We use crispy chicken tossed in tangy buffalo sauce, with creamy ranch dressing and fresh green onions for a flavour explosion.

The Poutine Experience at Sam’s Grill

No matter your taste, there’s a perfect poutine waiting for you at Sam’s Grill. We use only the freshest ingredients, from our hand-cut fries to the authentic Quebec cheese curds. Our gravy is made from scratch, simmered to perfection for a rich, flavourful experience.

So come on down to Sam’s Grill and join us for a poutine party! Bring your friends, your family, or just your appetite. We’ve got a poutine that’ll have you saying “eh” with satisfaction.

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