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Sam's Grill Guelph

Sam's Grill Guelph
Based on 768 reviews
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cren Kingcren King
21:15 29 Apr 24
this is the first time I've gone to Sam's subs and the food was horrible. the corned beef was so full of fat and so so spongy I couldn't even chew it. it was disgusting and I've been going to Sam's subs for a long time but I will no longer go because of this. the corned beef was cold fatty and just stringy. I miss the owner going in and checking on his stores when he was in Guelph. it was great. they wanted to charge me $14.99 for a large fries and gravy. this is called price gouging
Rebecca EuseyRebecca Eusey
23:12 05 Apr 24
John MalcolmsonJohn Malcolmson
20:45 27 Mar 24
We love dining at Sammy's. Miss seeing Sammy!
Derek BohneDerek Bohne
16:14 27 Mar 24
Didn’t expect much, but left impressed. Thanks!
Jay BrahmbhattJay Brahmbhatt
21:20 23 Mar 24
Best mango milkshake ever I had it here.
Nischay ModiNischay Modi
21:17 23 Mar 24
A Culinary Gem in Guelph!From the moment you step into Sam's Grill, you know you're in for a treat. The ambiance welcomes you with open arms, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. The menu, oh the menu, is a parade of flavors waiting to delight your palate. Each dish we tried was more delicious than the last, making it impossible to choose a favorite. The chefs here truly know how to make magic in the kitchen. The service? Impeccable. The staff made us feel like family, ensuring our evening was perfect in every way. Sam's Grill is not just a restaurant; it's a culinary adventure right here in Guelph. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out on some of the best food the city has to offer. Highly recommend.
Sagar BaloniSagar Baloni
21:13 23 Mar 24
Jo Ann MazurJo Ann Mazur
21:35 20 Mar 24
Just tried to finish a burger and fries. tasted like cardboard.usually good food. interesting we ordered by phone and food was ready in less than 5 minutes - precooked and dried out??we are 2 minutes away - food was hot.
Judy HolovyJudy Holovy
23:15 16 Mar 24
Greg GrosvenorGreg Grosvenor
21:09 25 Feb 24
Freshly made food is always a bonus when you're craving the good stuff! Accidentally asked for a second order of fries, I guess 🤔
Brenda LeesBrenda Lees
18:23 08 Feb 24
We ate at Sam’s grill today. We both had the Montreal smoked meat sandwich. Omg so much meat on it and the rye bread was fresh fresh. Fresh cut fries were delicious. The classic poutine was to die for. We will definitely recommend everyone to try them and we will be back. Very clean restaurant and delightful staff. Portions were great. Well worth the money. Thank you Sam’s grill for making our day
Chris SheelerChris Sheeler
23:31 07 Feb 24
This place is amazing! Was so pleased coming in here. Staff is great as well.
Mike ArmstrongMike Armstrong
04:57 28 Jan 24
I may have a new favorite burger place. Quick service from friendly staff, the dining area was clean and well lit, and the food was excellent! I've had a lot of burgers from a lot of places but these were the best short of my own. And the onion rings were perfect. Definitely eating there next time I'm in town!
Al GAl G
17:56 04 Nov 23
I got a bacon cheese burger and enjoyed it enough to go and write a positive review. I really hope they open a location in London so I can try the animal burger because it looked very interesting.
Brianne HebertBrianne Hebert
17:43 19 Aug 23
Ordered the bacon poutine and mango Milkshake ….both 10/10. The bacon pieces were real and huge. The curds and gravy delicious. Ordered the small and it was an excellent, filling portion. The mango milkshake was fabulous! Not artificial tasting at all. Will be back!!!
Jimmy NguyenJimmy Nguyen
21:20 20 Jul 23
It’s been a few years and it’s no wonder how this place has kept business when previous shops have struggled. Kind staff and such comfort like food for filling portions and reasonable prices. Recommend the hamburger and pulled pork poutines, and their regular burgers were very good. What stood out were the milkshakes! Perfect balance of sweet with the mango which comes with pulp, and the vanilla was an addictive choice to return to. Eager to try the strawberry and chocolate milkshakes!
Adam HickeyAdam Hickey
12:30 12 Jun 23
I ordered a bacon and cheeseburger. The restaurant was clean and spacious. The burger had fresh ingredients. It was a little too greasy and salty for my preference. However, I still recommend trying Sam's Grill in Guelph.

Sam's Grill Cambridge

Sam's Grill
Based on 504 reviews
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Gary D'SouzaGary D'Souza
19:20 12 May 24
Justin CaseJustin Case
00:43 30 Apr 24
Order your food as take out. Noisy atmosphere and not that great to sit and eat. Poutine was good and portions are fare.
Amanda RilanAmanda Rilan
04:17 27 Apr 24
The Mango milkshake is unreal! We also had some delicious poutine and a super juicy flavorful smoked meat sandwich. Highly recommend.
dariusz chmielarskidariusz chmielarski
21:23 24 Apr 24
Little gem 💎 ✨️ 💖
Paul GaudetPaul Gaudet
02:06 16 Apr 24
Tyler McDonaldTyler McDonald
23:27 10 Apr 24
Highly recommend stopping in for a bite to eat. We wanted to try a new place we hadn't been to before. Are we ever glad we did. The service was great. The food was fantastic. We will be returning for sure.
neil vaughanneil vaughan
17:29 10 Apr 24
Double burger with bacon and cheese with poutine and a drink for $21. Delicious 😋
nidhi parmarnidhi parmar
19:14 03 Apr 24
Matthew FraboniMatthew Fraboni
18:34 31 Mar 24
Ian GrieveIan Grieve
01:19 31 Mar 24
The bacon poutine is beyond great. If I could give 6 stars I would. Simply delicious!!!
John DeCroosJohn DeCroos
16:50 29 Mar 24
Excellent Food! Excellent Service! Excellent Atmosphere!
Megan VaughanMegan Vaughan
13:43 27 Mar 24
Had a burger and poutine, taste was like your typical good burger and fries and it came out fast and hot.Service was great! Was undecided on what exactly I wanted to order but both workers came over and explained the menu and offered their recommendations.
celeste sulyokceleste sulyok
21:34 26 Mar 24
Excellent food. I have never been here before got the burger and poutine. Daughter got the smoked meat sandwich and fries. Both were delicious, hot and flavourful. We will be back. Staff was super nice too.
03:23 26 Mar 24
Good vibe❤️❤️
N. B.N. B.
21:18 23 Mar 24
Love their burgers and fries, all made fresh. Huge variety of poutine too. Will definitely keep coming back.
Tracy RockoTracy Rocko
22:16 12 Mar 24
Delicious burger and service with smile. Great place to eat
20:29 05 Mar 24
Super great staff an owner is top notch 👌 food is really good aswell
fortnite merceyfortnite mercey
17:00 26 Feb 24
Jason TraceyJason Tracey
15:41 24 Feb 24
Love this place. Staff is amazing and really kind.
Colin MColin M
20:25 17 Feb 24
This place is exceptional. Food was excellent, hot and fresh. Staff was amazing. I mentioned how nice a sandwich looked on another table and it turns out it was not on the menu, but their lunch. Next thing you know I have one to try, and it was great as well. Its rare to see fantastic pride and customer service these days but here that was the case from start to finish. Looking forward to our next visits!.
Anirudh ReddyAnirudh Reddy
16:26 13 Feb 24
A cozy eatery run by a honest and hardworking family. They serve great burgers, sandwiches, poutine, a few sides and beverages. Support small business and help Canada grow.
Leanne WallisLeanne Wallis
19:55 28 Dec 23
consistently good food and friendly staff. food is cooked fresh to order and served hot. tables are kept clean. normally no lineup. they bring the food to you at your seat after ordering. staff offer better service then the guelph store - i will probably stick to this store going forward. try the poutine!
Rency GeorgeRency George
15:43 21 Dec 23
Sam's Grill boasts a diverse menu with delightful fiesta poppers as a standout. The fish and chips come in enjoyable, satisfying portions, paired perfectly with their relishing shakes. The friendly staff adds to the appeal, making it a must-visit spot!
Isha BhattIsha Bhatt
21:27 16 Dec 23
Great poutines & great options for sides as well! The fiesta poppers were great! Really enjoyed the portion of each meal! Very satisfying! Their shakes were good too!! The staff at Cambridge location are very friendly! Must visit!

Sam's Grill Waterloo

Sam's Grill Waterloo
Based on 178 reviews
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00:52 09 May 24
I was looking for the closest burger place online. Saw Sam’s grill and went because of the great reviews online, and I was definitely not disappointed. Burger is better than McDonald’s. Ambience is great and I was in and out in record time. I’ll be back
Akshit RajwadiAkshit Rajwadi
20:40 05 May 24
Kathy ChiuKathy Chiu
14:02 01 May 24
I've only gotten from here a few times it was good each time. My partner got from here a couple times but he said he didn't love the fries, but I thought they were fine lol
Brad MurieBrad Murie
23:15 19 Apr 24
Always good every single time. Restaurant is super clean. Food is delicious and customer service perfect every time. They make me feel like they value my business.
Seb AstardSeb Astard
23:09 18 Apr 24
Great food and great service, best poutine in waterloo !
Michael FariaMichael Faria
23:49 15 Apr 24
16:47 11 Apr 24
The ambience at Sam's Grill is classic and elegant, with a touch of old-world charm. The dim lighting and cozy booths create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends.When it comes to taste and quality, Sam's Grill does not disappoint. The seafood is always fresh, and the flavors are well-balanced. Each bite is a delight for the senses, and you can tell that the ingredients used are of the highest quality.The service at Sam's Grill is impeccable. The staff is friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable about the menu. They are happy to provide recommendations and ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional.Overall, my experience at Sam's Grill was outstanding. The combination of delectable seafood, excellent service, and elegant ambience creates a memorable dining experience. I would highly recommend Sam's Grill to anyone looking for a fantastic seafood restaurant in Waterloo
Matthew GiesbrechtMatthew Giesbrecht
17:39 20 Mar 24
Great food and the staff are friendly! A lunchtime favourite.
Caleb SnyderCaleb Snyder
19:57 15 Mar 24
Himja RayHimja Ray
20:41 08 Mar 24
Jitendra PatelJitendra Patel
18:51 29 Feb 24
17:55 31 Jan 24
The gluten free burger was actually really good. The bun didn’t fall apart like most gluten free buns. Felt like the burger was made with love. Will definitely be coming back.
Stephen morrisStephen morris
19:53 28 Jan 24
Can't wait for a barrie location
Timothy EddyTimothy Eddy
16:04 03 Jan 24
Doner tasted amazing, the staff are always friendly 🙂
Dave MarsilloDave Marsillo
17:48 02 Jan 24
we dined here recently. this is a must try place. juti the owner told me that everything is made fresh on site and you defo can tell. the cheese burgers rank very highly compared to other local faves. we also had the spicy and butter chicken poutine. wow!! the butter chicken is hands down the best in the city.
Kw NightwalkerKw Nightwalker
22:10 21 Oct 23
Well today, my wife and I decide to give Sam Grill a try for the very first time. As we saw the place as we were driving thru Waterloo as we were originally heading to Burger King, but I can tell you , I am so happy we stop at Sam Grill in Waterloo.Customer service was amazing and the restaurant was in amazing shape and very clean and very nice.We were greeted by a nice gentleman as we entered the restaurant and he served us the whole way thru and brought our food to our table.My wife ordered a Hot Dog with Bacon, cheese and mustard and relish and fries and pop. I ordered a burger with bacon and mustard and onion and with fries and pop, we also ordered an order of battered mushrooms. All the food was fresh and hot and very tasty.We will definitely be a repeat customer for Sam’s Grill Waterloo.
Tan GTan G
23:18 02 Sep 23
Loved the donair! I am from NS and have had too many to count, so I am telling the truth when I say it was delicious and took me home. The chocolate milkshake was also thick and delicious. The donair meat was spicier than a Halifax donair but I admittedly really liked it. I only suggest adding more fresh tomatoes but the sauce was a perfect ratio to the meat.

Sam's Grill Brantford

Sam's Grill Brantford
Based on 282 reviews
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Megha ThakurMegha Thakur
23:52 17 May 24
I ordered a burger and mushroom caps from Sam’s grill. Never going back. I can smell the used oil from the caps. Quality of the patty is poor. Have to throw both the items
Levi NyyssonenLevi Nyyssonen
21:13 11 May 24
Great food great service
Justin ConnertyJustin Connerty
10:29 21 Apr 24
Dilshan KariyawasamDilshan Kariyawasam
00:08 20 Apr 24
Lindsay MorrisLindsay Morris
12:07 17 Apr 24
Kelly Van HeurnKelly Van Heurn
11:56 13 Apr 24
Peter ChenPeter Chen
10:13 11 Apr 24
Everything was made when you order which was good. The place was clean and the service was great. The food was good, made hot when you order. Overall it wasn’t anything too special but a good place for a quick meal on the go.
Barry McFarlandBarry McFarland
21:00 08 Apr 24
Good food 👌.
Chris SheelerChris Sheeler
01:58 03 Apr 24
Great restaurant. Love this placeAkash gives wonderful service. Thank you! 🙂
Pierre BearPierre Bear
19:14 26 Mar 24
Excellent customer service. Very respectful and helpful. Try their burgers!
The Metal KnightThe Metal Knight
19:05 22 Mar 24
The poutine is the best in the area and the staff is good but only one person is working here, the super burger is amazing
Candice GoodCandice Good
09:44 19 Mar 24
I ordered online delivery of this food to my office and they delivered to wrong office … when I tracked down food other place had eaten it … so I called and my lunch was over … no food … and no money back .. worst place ever… never go … I emailed to get money back … nothing
Tiffany HaneyTiffany Haney
17:14 11 Mar 24
My partner and I got food poisoning from here, the food was gross and we were hesitant to eat our meal in the first place. I ate about half of my meal, but at 29 weeks pregnant it took a very violent toll once the poisoning kicked in.I didn’t expect a place rated 4.4 stars would be so nasty.
The Donair is very good sweet and savory.I'm not 100% sure why it was a bit smoky when I walked in maybe the vents aren't working great.
Millicent ChimanikireMillicent Chimanikire
19:01 22 Feb 24
I enjoy every bite of their hotdogs,fries and the staff are great.. well done.. this is my new food spot
23:47 20 Feb 24
It was good
Jermaine YoungeJermaine Younge
19:11 16 Feb 24
The Chill Pill burger was a delicious Flavorful Two patty burger with Cheese & Chilli. Now the Bacon Poutine was the star for me with enough gravy to melt the cheese & fresh fries, how can you resist. 😋
Justin LalumiereJustin Lalumiere
16:50 08 Feb 24
Great food. However, the owner has a table reserved for himself where he sits to have phone calls. Have been in twice for lunch and both times had to listen to the owner / manager on the phone yelling and arguing about something.Extremely bad atmosphere to try and enjoy food in.Would only recommend for takeout.
Yannick GolanbariYannick Golanbari
20:36 03 Feb 24
Great place to eat! One of the best donairs I’ve ever had! Fresh cut fries were an added bonus! Would recommend to anyone
J. MeunierJ. Meunier
20:42 16 Dec 23
Had the paneer poutine and Montreal smoked poutine, and tried their homemade hot sauce and it is AMAZING. Full of flavour and a solid heat.
Bernice EmeryBernice Emery
19:15 17 Oct 23
Their hamburgers and delicious! The servings are ample and the toppings fresh and varied. I love their smoothies. Everything tastes like home made! The servers are friendly and courteous. Great place to eat!
Liam Doyle (Skiam)Liam Doyle (Skiam)
20:49 29 Jul 23
Stopped in here on my way to a music festival. Never been to Brantford before and didn't want your run of the mill take out.I chatted with the owner and told him that I wanted him to surprise me on what I got. I love trying new foods.He gave me the house special of a double patty burger with bacon and cheese, with a side of poutine.The burger was fresh made, juicy and absolutely delicious. The poutine was out of this world. The fries are made in house, and the gravy is fantastic!Highly recommend.

Sam's Grill Whitby

Sam's Grill Whitby
Based on 196 reviews
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16:13 21 May 24
02:18 21 May 24
Rudy BhagwandinRudy Bhagwandin
15:21 07 May 24
Always great food and service. Even better with Groupon!
Got the triple burger with fries, about 9oz. Big burger for sure, lots of toppings. Not as flavorful as I hoped, but still good. Fresh cut fries, friendly service, big menu, good prices, eat in or take out, easy parking.
Robyn Da CostaRobyn Da Costa
20:45 20 Apr 24
Burger was really good. Lots of choices. I will be back.
Simon MitchellSimon Mitchell
00:55 10 Apr 24
Rob EastwoodRob Eastwood
23:11 18 Mar 24
Cody WhiteCody White
18:50 16 Mar 24
Excellent Food! Pretty robust menu for a reasonable price. Will definitely be back.
Ron McMullenRon McMullen
16:56 12 Mar 24
21:43 25 Feb 24
Crispy nashville chicken was MMM good
Sunil BhallaSunil Bhalla
21:35 04 Feb 24
Let me preface this by saying all I am reviewing is the donair as it all I was interested in havingI am Halifax born and bred and grew up eating donairsSadly not a lot of places have taken on the task of offering this item in Toronto in spite of other cities like Edmonton adopting donairs as the official food of the city like Halifax doesI know a good donair when I’ve got one and this one is not badThe biggest thing to note is the pitaThough Halifax donairs were started by a Greek pizza shop owner, the modern day donairs in Halifax virtually all include Lebanese pitaThe difference being the Greek pita is more fluffy and thick rather than thin and crispThis difference is notable to me and really the only reason I didn’t give a five star ratingThe meat was very nice, expertly shaved not to thick with perfect sauce to meat to veggie ratioThe sauce was a bit grainy but not overlyI liked it and will try it again though there is another whitby based donair spot that has a better offering
Sarah SindhujaSarah Sindhuja
08:04 31 Jan 24
So fresh and filling! Felt like I was eating a healthier version of what is the epitome of fast food. The veges were yummy and fresh and the onion rings were a great potion as well. I’ve gone there twice now (just a burger and onion rings is under 20 CAD).
Grace ReyesGrace Reyes
02:04 21 Jan 24
Came across Sam’s Grill while looking for a quick bite to eat with my husband and was pleasantly surprised. We had the burger combo with poutine and the donair. The burger was really good! Cooked to order and tasted similar to a smash burger. The poutine was also really good and were fresh cut fries. The donair was also quite tasty. Will definitely return!
Kritika MenonKritika Menon
14:52 29 Dec 23
If you love Nashville sauce, you might want to try their Nashville Hot Chicken Burger! Oh yum - you can also add your favourite toppings.We also tried their Barnyard Burger which is a fusion of beef and pulled pork in BBQ sauce which is my husband’s go-to and loved the Butter Chicken Poutine.Ask them for their signature hot sauce if you love spice! I loved it.Must try their milkshakes - we tried their Oreo Shake and Mango Shake.
Nassim NajmNassim Najm
18:42 16 Nov 22
It was a really nice first experience. The staff were very welcoming and friendly. The food was delicious. The beef burger was juicy and flavourful. The chicken burger was tender and fried perfectly. The fries are crispy. The milkshakes are quite good. The place is clean and organized. The price is spot on for the quality and quantity. Will definitely visit again soon.

Sam's Grill Burlington

Sam's Grill Burlington
Based on 340 reviews
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Aakash PatelAakash Patel
01:48 21 May 24
Adam LeAdam Le
18:01 20 May 24
Great variety and choices to satisfy any craving, I went with the burger and Onion rings today and OH MY... Fantastic! Onion rings was crispy and delicious, and the burger was spot on. Great work guys I'll be sure be coming back for sure. Oh and the service is here is awesome!
20:35 19 May 24
Too expensive for burgers and fries, complicated menu- each topping costs more, fries overdone and some burned, burger - bland / no taste, cheap bun. Empty restaurant-no customers. Better tasting burgers at Wendy's or Harvey's and way cheaper.
Heta PatelHeta Patel
17:44 12 May 24
Spicy Paneer Routine is great! The food tastes amazing, and the staff are really friendly. It's a nice place to eat!
Rajan PatelRajan Patel
23:46 04 May 24
Brenda FergusonBrenda Ferguson
17:02 25 Apr 24
Absolutely delicious. Now we don’t need to go to Montreal for the smoked meat!
Allison. KerrAllison. Kerr
12:00 25 Apr 24
The food was hot and fresh. Such a tasty burger.The restaurant was very clean, spotless washroom.H
Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson
03:43 08 Apr 24
Ken BowmanKen Bowman
16:24 02 Apr 24
First time here Montreal Smoked meat is amazing friendly staff highly recommend.
Fernando LopezFernando Lopez
14:32 31 Mar 24
I got the Combo 3 with the burger a can of pop and some fries and it was delicious I really liked it the service was great they were nice and welcoming. I wish I got the combo 4 because the fries were missing some salt but over all it’s a really good place to eat if you are really hungry. It’s very filling. 😄👍
J HaJ Ha
00:11 31 Mar 24
Fernando AcostaFernando Acosta
00:32 26 Mar 24
Lifeberg LifebergLifeberg Lifeberg
14:13 24 Mar 24
Favourite destination for speciality poutine from an affordable menu. I have tried their Cambridge restaurant a lot, and they have same quality of service here in Burlington. Whenever I am tired with old plain poutine, I come to Sam's to reset my tastebuds. Highly recommend.
Chrystal BoudreauChrystal Boudreau
16:42 22 Mar 24
Fast, friendly service. Fresh hot fries and a delicious sandwich. Clean and pleasant. Great place for lunch.
Ryan FlintRyan Flint
20:13 19 Mar 24
Andrew MartinAndrew Martin
22:02 16 Mar 24
My go to spot for smashed burgers. Their prices are very good for what you get. Amazing food
Sam CauchiSam Cauchi
21:39 12 Mar 24
Fantastic for a small family of 12! Poutine was great, milkshakes amazing! Staff polite, whole restaurant very clean. Thank you!
dabawlmsam LIVEdabawlmsam LIVE
11:30 21 Feb 24
Hey guys, so this was my first trip to Sam’s Grill, and I have to say that we were pretty impressed. The restaurant inside was very clean and from what I could tell by looking behind the counter, they were also extremely clean and well kept. Only one girl was working the grill, but it was slow and she was helpful and she made an order fast. We got two pines and burger combo The pins we got were size smalls and they were still massive and my burger combo was decent.. . I still highly recommendI feel like the price point was fair for sureGo check it out if you haven’t already support these guys because I believe they’re worth it🔥🔥
Jen HrushkaJen Hrushka
17:30 16 Dec 23
This place is absolutely amazing! The best burger, poutine and milkshake I have ever had in my life! I normally don’t finish large burgers but I ate mine so quickly and didn’t waste anything. The food was so good I forgot to take a photo. The food was just so fresh and hot and juicy. You will not regret eating here.
Katherine BennettKatherine Bennett
23:26 04 Aug 23
Wanted to try a new place tonight so we decided to order from Sam's Grill. I am politely giving 4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ as my family was happy with the meal. It was a 3 for me at best. Family enjoyed the taters, cheese burger, bacon cheese burger and chicken fingers. Fries looked perfect in the pictures on Skip, however they are not similar. Potato's are not peeled to make these fries- game changer for me! Ordered specifically as the fries and poutine looked amazing... Not great! Hot dog was decent a little dry as cheese and all the toppings were hiding behind the dog!

Sam's Grill Oakville

Sam's Grill Oakville
Based on 20 reviews
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02:22 21 May 24
I was there on the day of Grand opening and enjoyed their cake as well along with the free poutine 😅🥰
Haley A.PHaley A.P
19:48 19 May 24
Burgers were delicious! Lots of parking, a single burger will cost about $8 and a combo about $14. We’ll be back again this summer!!
Debbie St CyrDebbie St Cyr
03:06 11 May 24
mohammad Khatibmohammad Khatib
22:38 07 May 24
Foods really good would recommend. Prices pretty good.
Henry CabralHenry Cabral
20:59 06 May 24
Hi it's my first time here. I am very happy with my purchase. I ordered a burger. When I smelled it cookin I knew it was gona be great. That beef smell is priceless. It tasted amazing. Everything was great. I'm deffently comin back next time to try something else. Thanx guys u were very helpful & friendly.
Janice SwiadekJanice Swiadek
16:36 06 May 24
New favorite place! I ordered the burger combo with onion rings and let me tell you.....the best onion rings I've ever had! Oil is clean. The burger was a double patty and was delicious!!!! Fresh, tasty and the price is absolutely affordable. Highly recommend this spot.
Tarak PrajapatiTarak Prajapati
05:30 02 May 24
Delicious food and great customer service!! Must go !
city glowcity glow
21:58 27 Apr 24
If you’re craving for a donair keep looking. Very disappointed
Stephen GriffinStephen Griffin
16:53 20 Apr 24
Great new snack bar in Oakville. Memories of Montreal with their wonderful smoked meat. Go there!
John M BJohn M B
22:24 19 Apr 24
Had the single burger combo. Burger was very tasty with numerous toppings available. The grilled onions were fantastic. The fresh cut fries were exceptional. The thick chocolate milkshake was also great!! Used real ice cream!Very friendly staff!! Will definitely repeat.
Luis BrehmLuis Brehm
18:11 16 Apr 24
Ahmed MostafaAhmed Mostafa
00:09 15 Apr 24
Tanuj ChawlaTanuj Chawla
16:16 07 Apr 24
scott wilkinsonscott wilkinson
19:33 06 Apr 24
Great fries. Old fashioned burger. Yum
22:04 03 Apr 24
The two guys attended our order was very polite and professional
Paul baumanPaul bauman
17:27 02 Apr 24
This place has amazing burgers and poutines!
Andrew MartinAndrew Martin
17:26 02 Apr 24
renee correnterenee corrente
20:00 29 Mar 24
Have been waiting for them to open . Food was excellent especially for fast food . Very fresh and great quality . Fresh cut fries !! Will be back again and again to try everything . Had the smoked meat and a burger - both were fantastic .
mike bullardmike bullard
23:10 28 Mar 24
First day today excellent food and service
Benjamin SprättBenjamin Sprätt
16:13 28 Mar 24
As a poutine lover, I decided to give the butter chicken poutine a shot. It was great. The portion size was perfect. The amount of cheese and chicken included is more than enough to please the appetite. If I may shoot a an idea forward.Some spring onion would've taken it to the next level. First experience was a good one, can't wait to be back.